Michelle Voegels



Michelle Voegels is a psychiatric nurse practitioner specializing in mental health practicing in Portland, Oregon. Michelle has a diverse background that includes being born and raised in Kansas. Her love for caretaking began by working on the farm raising animals. Her interest in science and zeal for helping others started from the time she was a young child. Michelle’s heart and passion is not only in caring for others but assisting clients in transitioning to wellness. Michelle’s experience includes several years of working in a medical hospital. Michelle then transferred her degree and knowledge to mental health. A foundation for Michelle’s psychiatric nursing expertise was her seven years working for the Menninger Clinic.

In 2001 she moved to Oregon with her family. She worked fervently in rural areas of Oregon to improve healthcare access for clients with mental illness. During this time she worked with all populations of mental health and helped establish better quality care in the emergency rooms. Since 2003 Michelle has been in private practice. The joy of having a private practice is being able to establish long term relationships with clients. This allows Michelle to aid clients in discovering a treatment plan that would be able to better provide for their needs. She continues to have an enthusiasm for learning particularly cutting edge science as well as knowledge involving the brain and body.

When not involved with seeing clients in her practice she is often looking for ways to promote mental health in the community either through research or education. It is a lifelong dream of Michelle’s to see the stigma attached to mental health come to an end. She would also like for all people suffering from a mental health condition to be free from shame or guilt when trying to cope with a mental illness either as an individual or a family member of someone struggling with a mental health condition.

Michelle’s hobbies include being outdoors, observing nature, hiking, camping, and snorkeling. Michelle enjoys traveling the world and she loves being exposed to new cultures and ideas. Michelle met her Brazilian husband while on a study abroad trip to Germany. Michelle currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Alfred and their three children.





Jeri has been in the Mental Health Profession for over 10 years. She was born and raised in Oregon and loves living in the Northwest. Jeri has been married for 37 years and has two grown sons that she and her husband are very proud of. She loves to travel, but mostly loves being around her very big family. Jeri is looking forward to meeting and assisting you.